Conference Theme

English in Multilingual Contexts

Conference Focus Areas

  • Curriculums and Syllabuses         ● Teaching Language Skills
  • Learner Strategies/Styles              ● Teacher Training/ Development
  • Materials/ Coursebooks                ● Testing and Evaluation
  • Methods and Approaches             ● Psychology of Learners/ Learning
  • Learner/ Teacher Motivation       ● History of ELE in India
  • Technology in ELE                         ● Teaching of English Literature
  • ELE Policies in India and Asia    ● English as Medium of Instruction

Organising Partners


Vasavi College of Engineering, Ibrahimbagh, Hyderabad 

Supported by British Council  and RELO, American Embassy

Conference Lead

Prof. T. V. Subba Rao, Vice-President,Vasavi Academy of Education

Prof. Rama Mathew, President, AINET

Dr. S. V. Ramana, Principal, Vasavi College of Engineering

Dr. Jacqueline Amaral, Head, Departmentof H&SS, VCE

Prof. Amol Padwad, Secretary, AINET

Conference Committee

Dr. Krishna Dixit (AINET) 9404831455         Ms. G. Meena (VCE) 9866557628

Dr. Vivek Joshi (AINET) 9423122689            Ms. K. Jhansi Rani (VCE) 9866331812

Mr. Nadeem Khan (AINET) 9960213499      Ms. B. Sheela Rani Simon (VCE) 9849721097

Mr. Milind Mane (AINET) 9421816064        Mr. T. Sunand Emmanuel (VCE) 9849027278

Dr. Arpita Panda (VCE) 9030001850              Dr. Ruby Lois (VCE) 9951719607